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The only song about the Coachella Music Festival

Lia Shapiro of AlLiEn TriBe at her Indio, CA music studio

With Coachella fever rising as the first weekend approaches, now is the perfect time to enjoy “Going to Coachella”, the only song that’s actually about the festival and was created to evoke its feeling and spirit. Indio studio recording artist Lia Shapiro of ALiEn TriBe became inspired when she stood outside her recording studio one […]

LiA Radio Interview with Terry Hawke June 2015

Lia Shapiro of ALiEn TRiBe interview on UK Radio

Fun and Enlightening Interview with Music on UK Radio Station

Pleiadian Arrival to Earth

Pleiadian Arrival to Earth music album by ALiEn TRibe

Seven new dance and EDM songs

Exodus Into Space

Four new chill songs with a pulsing vibe and one new EDM

Comes The Awakening

New electronic suite with four variations on a theme

Going To Coachella

Lia had the windows to her recording studio in Indio, California open one night during the 2014 Coachella Valley Music Festival going on only a few miles away. As the music drifted into her studio, she was inspired to write a fun and sexy song about going to the festival. You can buy it at […]

Going To Coachella EDM EP Released

Going To Coachella three song EDM EP released

Beyond This Place EDM EP Released

Beyond This Place 4 Song EDM just released

LiA of ALiEn TRiBe Signed with Sugo Music Group

ALiEn TRiBe music now available for movies, TV, advertisements, games and more

Lia Shapiro Interviewed on UK Radio Station

Lia Shapiro of ALiEn Tribe will be interviewed on the radio in the UK by Terry Hawke Saturday night February 8th and February 15th.

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