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Studio artist LiA has released 10 albums and EPs for the ALiEn TriBe electronic music project. She’s also collaborated on 6 EP’s with artists from around the world. These 80 songs span over 15 genres including both vocals and instrumentals.

She started this journey collaborating with Swedish music artist Pelle Handen where she first learned about electronic music production. Then LiA went on her own and the rest is history.

Lia of AlLiEn TriBe at her Indio, CA music studio
Lia working in her studio

“My hope is that people will get an emotional experience when they hear my music. They may not always be able to identify it, categorize it or come up with a genre, but they know for sure it creates a feeling and that’s what I want them to remember.” …LiA

LiA does it all. She is the sole songwriter, performer, sound designer, engineer, mixer and producer of ALiEn TriBe’s songs. Featuring music that breaks the barriers defining genres like EDM, Dance, Electronica, Rock, Chill, Tribal, Progressive, Symphonic, Space, Worldbeat, Traditional, Blues, Country and Experimental, ALiEn TriBe’s original sounds and vocals bring a fresh experience that will make you feel something deep and memorable.

While LiA lives in the desert of Southern California, she is better known in Europe and other continents. She has been interviewed several times on UK radio because they love her warmth and conversational style. LiA’s collaboration projects have been with artist from Sweden, Ireland and Iran. She has also lived in Germany, Iran, Kenya and Japan which may explain her music’s international vibe. Yet, as a born and bred American, she can really rock out and sing the blues too.

Lia’s songs are released on Exoblue Records, published by Rykristo Music Publishing, and distributed worldwide by Sugo Music Group who also administers all licensing and sync rights.


Original sounds…woven into pulsing rhythms, melodies and moods

Lyrics from the deepest of places…sung from the heart and soul

Sound engineering…that rearranges, recreates and reinvents what we hear

The art of the micro mix…that balances every second of music

Produced with passion…to weave this tribe of sound into one emotionally intense whole

This is the ALiEn TRiBe way of making electronic music with vocals for a new millennium.

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  1. stefan andre pantke5
    June 22, 2016 @ 6:44 am

    hi lia
    stefan from germany speaking. i only want say: it`s a very good side.
    lg stefan

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