Deep Down

  • Artist

    ALiEn TRiBe

  • Released

    August, 2016

  • Genre

    blues, country, jazz, American traditional, zydeco, alternative, experimental

Imagine yourself in a dark, smoky lounge with flickering spotlight illuminating the stage as you listen to these slow, sultry songs. Lia of ALiEn TRiBe breaks new ground adding five genres to her eclectic mix of songs and shows that making music through electronic artistry doesn’t have to sound electronic. These country, blues, jazz, American traditional and zydeco styles are not for purist. ALiEn TRiBe bends, shapes and interprets them in innovative ways. “I’ll Be Yours Forever And Ever” mashes up Lia singing the blues with straight up jazz drums and a wavy country style guitar. Once again, ALiEn TRiBe breaks the rules and transforms how music makes us feel.