Songs in 20 Genres

  • Artist

    ALiEn TRiBe

  • Released

    2009 - 2016

  • Genre

    alternative rock, alternative dance, ambient, American traditional, blues, chill, country, dance, downbeat, EDM, electronica, eurodance, experimental, house, jazz, pop rock, progressive rock, psychedelic, spacemusic, space rock, symphonic rock, symphonic electronica, trance, tribal, trip hop, worldbeat, zydeco

Shortened samples of 12 songs to demonstrate LIa’s diverse catalog that touches on over 20 genres in a fresh and original way. The order of these songs will take you on a journey that continues to surprise right up through the last song. Electronic music artist Lia transforms these styles into something surprising with her unique signature approach to vocals, sound design, mixing, engineering and producing. With 10 albums and EP’s released featuring 49 songs as ALiEn TriBe and 5 collaboration EP’s featuring 21 songs, Lia continues to share emotional and intense music that makes us feel regardless of the style.