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ALiEn TRiBe is the electronic music project of songwriter, performer, sound designer, engineer, mixer and producer LiA. Featuring music that breaks the barriers defining genres like EDM, Dance, Electronica, Rock, Chill, Tribal, Symphonic, Space, Worldbeat, Traditional, Blues, Country and Experimental, Alien Tribe’s original┬ásounds and vocals bring a fresh, eclectic experience┬áthat will make you feel something deep and unique. Lia has now released 9 albums and EP’s besides collaborating with other artists on 5 more. Sugo Music Group exclusively represents LiA and ALiEn TRiBe for licensing, publishing and distribution.

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ALiEn Tribe electronic music in 20 genres

12 albums and EP's from EDM and dance to progressive to symphonic electronic to rock and more. Enjoy ALiEn Tribe's fresh and unique emotional music featuring songs with deeply felt lyrics and instrumentals with original sounds and compositions.

ALiEn TRibe Albums

ALiEn TRibe Collaborations

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