Alien Tribe’s First Album Mastered!

Lia Shapiro, the creator of Alien Tribe, spent over five years writing, recording, engineering and mixing her songs. As a producer, she set very high standards for the final mix of the “We Are Here” album often remixing each song using her unique “micro mixing” approach several times until everything was just right. That left one final step to turn those songs into broadcast quality music…mastering.  For that step, she turned to veteran music producer Dan Farrow.

Dan had to take the final mix of each song and convert it into a master recording that can be used for duplication. Mastering is the fine-tuning and final equalization of the music for broadcast quality status. It puts all the frequencies in the correct ranges so that the bass isn’t too loud, the highs don’t hurt and the levels are consistent for the entire album. Now that all 13 songs have been mastered, preparations are being made to release “We Are Here” to the world.