LiA’s Music Studio

Here is the studio where Alien Tribe’s music is created. All the music is written, performed, engineered, mixed and produced by Lia right in this studio. The studio furniture was custom designed just for Lia by Omnirax.

The centerpiece of the studio is a 73 key Korg M3 workstation with a Korg Radias-R synthesizer attached. Immediately above that is a Korg Triton module. That forms the core of the music and synthesis system Lia uses to create and perform her original sounds. Not visible in the photo is a Studio Projects C-1 microphone that is used for all vocals. Mogami cables are used throughout the studio to connect all this gear into a MOTU audio interface.

All music and vocals are recorded directly into an ADK computer in Cubase. Additional sounds, synthesis and effects are supplied within the computer from Native Instruments and Waves. In Cubase, Lia further engineers her sounds and does all the mixing and final production necessary to create Alien Tribe’s music.