Alien Tribe’s Vocals Soar, Chant and Inspire

Lia’s distinctive sound for Alien Tribe is unique not only among electronic music artist but most recording artist because of how she handles vocals. To her, the voice is more than a way to convey lyrical ideas. It is another instrument that contributes to the overall experience of a song. In a typical Alien Tribe song, Lia will create several vocal tracks.

Some tracks convey lyrical ideas. Other vocal tracks contain chants, whispers, soaring sounds and more all created to blend into the mix. In fact, there are some vocal tracks that are woven so tightly with the instruments that most people wouldn’t even know it was a voice.

Lia hears the voice just like it was any other sound she has recorded. All these sounds whether vocal, melody, rhythm or background are treated equally in the mix. This creates Lia’s singular musical vision…the integration of everything recorded into one unified whole. All sounds, including the voice, are there to contribute to the total feel and experience of each song. The voice is not treated as something separate to be thrown way out in front of the music.

It is through this unique musical vision that Lia creates emotional music…music that people deeply feel and remember.